Kit of the Day – A Good Thing Bruined

The Boston Bruins have had a weird few years. Come to think of it, they’ve had a pretty strange history. Every time they have a run of success and seemed poised to become a bona fide dynasty, circumstances conspire to ensure that dream falls just a little bit short. You Win Some, You Lose Some…More Bobby Orr might well be the greatest player in National Hockey League history. However, injuries…

July 14, 2018

Kit of the Day – The Edmonton Oilers

  The National Hockey League version of the Edmonton Oilers has always been an all-or-nothing team. For their first 13 seasons – starting in 1979-80, the Oilers made the playoffs every single year, winning five Stanley Cups and only losing in the first round on three occasions. Star players were sprinkled throughout the Edmonton roster, from goaltenders Grant Fuhr and Andy Moog, to defenseman Paul Coffey, to forwards Glenn Anderson,…

July 13, 2018

How to Fix the Red Wings’ Jerseys

The Detroit Red Wings have one of the most iconic sets of jerseys in the National Hockey League – in all of sports, really. Constantly at or near the top of best-dressed lists, the Red Wings take to the ice in kits that really haven’t changed all that much since 1934 – and not at all since 1987, save for template updates to the NHL’s uniform system. Don’t get me wrong, there’s…

July 9, 2018

Tampa Bay Lightning Jersey History

The Tampa Bay Lightning are the envy of the National Hockey League. They’ve got a phenomenal owner in Jeff Vinik, who put the brakes on disaster and painstakingly rebuilt the organisation from the inside out. A former investment wizard, Vinik has managed to strike the optimal balance between the fanatical micromanagement of some of his peers, and the utter apathy of others. As a result, the Lightning have been consistently…

July 8, 2018

Arizona Coyotes Logo History

Ahh, the Arizona Coyotes. Hockey’s favourite punching bag. Long plagued by arena troubles, attendance troubles, financial troubles, ownership troubles and pretty much every other sort of trouble you can imagine, the National Hockey League has, nevertheless, stood by its desert outpost. While this might seem like an inexplicable course of action for the notoriously conservative league, the NHL has never really had a good look at the Phoenix Metropolitan Area…

May 22, 2018