A Look Back: Gabriel Landeskog’s Unique Path to Success

September 13, 2017

This article was originally written in May, 2014. When the name Gabriel Landeskog is mentioned around NHL circles, there are a few words that are bound to pop up nearly every time. Leader is obvious, as the 21-year-old Colorado Avalanche forward has spent the past two seasons as the youngest captain in NHL history. Gritty is another, as his on-ice performance is often characterized by frequent puck battles and hard-hitting play. Landeskog…


Belleville’s Rich Hockey History Leads to AHL

The history of hockey in Belleville is a story of many different teams playing at different levels. The newest club setting up shop this fall in the friendly city is an AHL organization affiliated to the Ottawa Senators. In the past, Belleville has been known for excellence in major junior and men’s senior league hockey. The Quinte region scored a major deal when Ottawa brass decided to relocate from upstate…

September 12, 2017